Q2-litter / ?-litter
Born: 2018-06-02
IC S*Little L's Fallen Angel GIC S*Idrasie's Mirallas
  GSD IV-normal - PK def.-normal - HCM-normal    GSD IV-normal - PK def.-normal - HCM-normal 


Namn Kön Färg Status
S*Little L's Q 1 Female NFO w R.I.P 2018-06-02
S*Little L's Q 2 Female NFO n 22 R.I.P 2018-06-02
S*Little L's Quincy Qix Male NFO w  
S*Little L's Qaleb Quest Male NFO n 22  


Newborn 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks
    "Little becomes bigger"


Weight _New_ _1w_ _2w_ _3w_ _4w_ _5w_ _6w_ _7w_ _8w_ _9w_ _10w_ _11w_ _12w_
Q 1 41
Q 2 56
Quincy_Qix 101 244 374 501                  
Qaleb_Quest 73 195 298 399                  

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On hold

_Someone has decided, but no deposit is paid


_Someone has paid a deposit for the kitten


_The kitten is sold and has moved to its new home


My kittens are ready to move to their new homes after 12-14 weeks of age and are sold under Sveraks rules. And when they move they have:

a registered pedigree (SVERAK/FIFé),
veterinarian health certificate
fully vaccinated
dewormed several times
♥ microchip ID
♥ housetrained, nice and social
♥ accustomed to ordinary family life with children, dogs and cats
the kittens also have a small starter kit with food and toys
and lifelong support from me

If you are interested in a kitten from S*Little L's, feel free to contact me.

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My first litter in a big lovely bunch

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